Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let It Heal 2010-11n-03: All About Bedbugs

In this show, Let it Heal host Amber Korobkina talks with three experts in the field of bedbug control, and includes several unique, simple, and effective methods for controlling these critters who are making life so miserable for so many people. If you've got bedbugs, watch this video as a great step toward eliminating them and making your life normal again!

Shift Into One 2010-12d-23: What is BELIEF?

In this installment, newcomer Steve Silverton joined the panel. Steve is a wecomel addition, as he has been working with SIO for about 10 months and has experienced significant change in his life. The last show on FEAR brought in some requests to give some examples of what we mean when we talk about mind FEAR or psychological FEAR. So, in response to this, we recapped the definition of FEAR and gave some personal, everyday examples that the panel experienced in the course of their daily lives. These examples were described in detail and in Michael and Gadis case showed how they actually transcended their FEAR, turning it around to actually manifesting a very positive change in their life. Michaels business became more successful and Gadis health problem disappeared. Natalie gave a very telling example of how the media can influence our minds on a subliminal level influencing us to buy a product or behave in a certain way without our even knowing about it. Steve described an experience in his youth in which he and his friends bought into the FEAR mentality in such a big way that they actually drew it into their life manifesting the very negative experiences and events that they were trying to avoid. All in all, great examples that all of us can relate to. Another PowerPoint presentation was given; this one on our belief systems, how they are formed, how they unknowingly control our lives, tying in how FEAR provides the very foundation for our belief systems. A discussion, including a diagram, explaining how thoughts create our belief system ensued following by an exercise in observing our negative thoughts and emotions.

Shift Into One 2010-12d-09 - What is Fear?

Breaking down SHIfT into ONEs mission statement which is: to eradicate FEAR through deprogramming our belief system so that we become responsible for our thoughts, words, feelings and actions, Michael, Natalie, Gadi and Sandra discuss what FEAR is in the context of the work of SIO. A PowerPoint presentation was given through which comments were made and ideas and examples were exchanged. As SIO is experiential and multidimensional in nature, the laws and tenets also reflect this experiential and multi-dimensional process in that while we speak of them in a linear and intellectual way, they are in fact, so interconnected that it is almost impossible to speak of one aspect of SIO without, invariably, talking about other facets as well. So, as part of the discussion on FEAR, also mentioned were other key components such as Soul Contract, the Law of Karma, being in our Isness and the importance of developing our relationship with our Higher Self. The concept of an open ended tube was also brought up as a visual example representing the flow of emotional experiences we have and depending on how obstructed this tube is vis--vis karmic blocks, the experience will either flow through seamlessly without collecting any emotional baggage whatsoever or it can squeeze by navigating through many obstructions, snags, junk, etc. stuck in the tube, creating great disarray, taking a much longer time passing through the tube and collecting emotional baggage and karma on the way.

Shift Into One 2010-11n-25: We Are All an Empath, We Are All Energy and We Are All Involved in this Shift

Michael, Natalie and Sandra welcome newcomer Gadi Foltys to the show as we discuss the Law of Attraction, humans as empaths and explore what Buddhist Monk Master Gunika has to say about the urgency of the times we live in and where were going (aka the Shift). On the topic of an empath and referring to an interview Sandra gave in August of this year, she incorrectly stated that not everyone is an empath. This is not true and in this installment, Sandra corrects herself and clarifies what she meant to say which is that everyone IS an empath, just to varying degrees, much like most people can run but some are better runners than others. On the topic of the shift, Master Gunika discusses how we are at a time where humanity has come to a most opportunistic crossroads in which we have a choice to either let go of our personal dramas focusing on what really matters, which is LOVE and our connection to All That Is or to continue to play out the dramas that plague our everyday lives. If we choose the first, we can literally create Heaven on Earth. If we choose the latter, we will continue to perpetuate the cycle of suffering. The choice is ours to make.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Joe the Investor talks about the Euro on

Joe the Investor talks about the troubles facing the Euro and the currency markets in general with Hugh Reilly and Erin Ademoglu on's Liquid Lunch program.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dr. Josh Gelber on Focus and Clarity (Nov.26.2010)

The nervous system connection has been made the brain sends signals down the spinal cord and nerve roots; interruption to this flow causes problems. Specifically with upper cervical (below the skull) tension and stress, there can be major issues with energy levels, ability to focus on tasks, and concentration notably in young elementary students from my experience. This tension comes from emotional stress over years, and poor posture as well foundations and imprintsLook to the spine, the neck, and gentle removal of stress, to increase focus, concentration, and performance in life!

Dr. Joshua Gelber discusses seasonal health issues on Oct.29.2010

This was a varietal conversation about wellness, preventative actions, real vs. true diagnoses for disorders/conditions. With traditional chiropractic focused simply on removing the effects of stress from the nervous system, to allow better function, the focus is narrow but the results achieved through gentle spinal adjusting are many in number. So many conditions, complaints, symptoms, and yes, types of pain can be addressed through chiropractic care. Get yourself checked now!

Dr. Joshua Gelber on The Third Layer (Sept.24.2010)

What is the Third Layer? I talk about the human frame, and the spine, in 3 distinct but connected layers: Muscles on the surface, joints below the muscles (both of which are common knowledge to the average person), and deep to those joints, are the nerves. We all have some concept of having a brain, a spinal cord (when injuries are discussed), but the concept of irritating the spinal cord, and the nerve ROOTS that pass outward from the spine to every part of the human body, is not so common. These nerves are your life force generators. They mae everything work like being plugged in to an internet connection, like the phone wires that are below ground, they are imperative for function, and the expression of great health. The human body is an old concept, so sorry to say, no Wi-Fi capabilities! Take care of your nervous system, and expect good health; ignore it, and the opposite usually holds true!

Dr. Joshua Gelber on It's never too late to change your health!

Continuing last months theme, some people are afraid of the killer diagnosis; but look how many people beat cancer, they survive, and mostly because they have the will to live, to thrive, and to continue on instead of giving up. The same is true with all aspects of health the human body, and mind, are AMAZING, and when you take care of the nervous system, through chiropractic, there is nothing TO fear. I help so many people over 60 yrs old feel young again, they feel like their decaying lifestyle has been stopped in its tracks. It is NEVER too late to change your health, and while some people have greater results than others. Chiropractic is about optimal nervous system activity, to enhance healing. Relieving stress on spinal nerves just makes life better! Interview 2010-04a-30 - Dr. Joshua Gelber

As a traditional chiropractor, I constantly encounter people and new patients alike, who have been afraid of the diagnosis the Doctors visit that will tell them they have a serious problem that Cant be helped, or Youll have to live with it. This is not always the case, the entire realm of alternative medicine/therapy/healing a title which I still fall under, has almost always found a solution to problems that befit these categories because we look for the CAUSE, the SOURCE, and the origin of symptoms. We go beyond pain and frustrating situations to help peoples bodies heal, and best of all naturally! Dont ignore your health, go discover options if you have concerns. Better yet have a health screening, find out before something happens, prevention is always easier.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fatima Omar Khamissa Empowering Women to Speak Up by Finding their Voices

Fatima Omar Khamissa helping women find their voices so that they can speak up and achieve more confidence, more happiness and more money.

Mai Benaharon on Dec.10.2010

Mai Benaharon on Dec.10.2010

Liquid Lunch 2010-12d-13: Doron Levy, Buytopia, Ceno Restaurant, Howard and Koss

Hugh Reilly and Janette Burke begin this special holiday Liquid Lunch with the Magnetic Marketing Moment. Joined by Switzer and Company's Doron Levy, Janette and Hugh explore the origins of the commercialization of Christmas; Anatoliy Melcheck and Ryan Marien, co-founders of helping you to get great deals online everyday in Toronto; Bruno Soleri, amazing chef from Yorkville's brand new Ceno restaurant. Lori Howard from Hope Designs and Sheryl Koss from The Scheryls talk about home staging and staging your home for the holidays.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Liquid Lunch 2010-12d-10 (EA) - Patrizia - Jackie Richardson - Tibor Shanto

Hugh Reilly and Erin Ademoglu chat with: genre-bending operatic pop metal queen Patrizia on her new CD and the state of pop culture and everything else; Canadian gospel/jazz/blues singing legend Jackie Richardson on her tour with Stuart Maclean and upcoming musical performance; sales guru Tibor Shanto on managing time by managing your activities to keep your sales funnel full.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Liquid Lunch 2010-12d-09 (ML) - Jenikz - Karen Bliss - Spencer Jenkins + Taylor Marie Milton

Hugh Reilly and Marla Lukofsky speak with: Guelph singer-songwriter Jenikz who performs two songs live; music journalist Karen Bliss on her good news online magazine (; actors Spencer Jenkins and Taylor Marie Milton, stars of the feature film "Cherries and Clover".

Liquid Lunch 2010-12d-08 (SHu) - Jason Kucherawy - Meredith Deasley - Curtis Smith - Nadine Pequeneza

Hugh Reilly and Stella Hunt are having fun speaking with: Jason Kucherawy, operator of Toronto Urban Adventures talking about the amazing beer tour; Meredith Deasley, author of The Resourceful Mother--a book giving new mothers everything they need to deal with the health of their newborn and growing child; Curtis Smith, amazing Toronto jazz guitarist and performer; Nadine Pequeneza, producer, writer, and director of "Blowout", a documentary airing on CBC's Doc Zone about a Gulf-style oil rig blowout that could happen off Canada's east coast.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Liquid Lunch 2010-12d-07 (NF) - Eyes for Gertrude - Joel Powell - Rod Booth - Fatima O-Khamissa - Sharron Katz

What a fantastic show! Hugh Reilly and Natalie Fililppelli in converasation with: Chantelle and Hanna from the UK's "Eyes for Gertrude" perform 3 wonderful songs live; from the ghetto, Joel Powell author of "Black Empowerment and Minority Issues"--a resource for anyone facing systemic racism and more; phenomenal fiddler Rod Booth; Fatima O-Khamissa empowering women to use their voices to achieve balance and true freedom; multi faceted artist Sharron Katz shows her paintings and music.

Liquid Lunch 2010-12d-06 (ML) - Peter Katz - Casey Walker - Pankaj Kohli - Blockz

Hugh Reilly and Marla Lukofsky welcome: singer/songwriter Peter Katz who performs live from his new CD "First of the Last to Know"; Casey Walker, producer/director of the upcoming million dollar feature film "A Little Bit Zombie' '; vedic astrologer and broadcaster Pankaj Kohli; Toronto hip hop artist Blockz on his music and the Toronto scene.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Patricia Caviglia on author of "Masks", a book for young adults

Inspired by her daughter's birth, Patricia Caviglia chose to pursue her life long dream of becoming a published author. The result was her debut novel Masks, a teen romance, in which the necessity of honesty and mutual respect in relationships with family, friends, and ourselves figures prominently. Joining Hugh Reilly and Marla Lukofsky on's Liquid Lunch, she spoke about the processes of writing, editing, and publication as well as her experience with self-publishing and self-promoting.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Liquid Lunch 2010-12d-03 (EA) - Alexandra Collas - 2 Fresh Flow - Michael F. Long

Is she the 23 year old Peruvian who snuck into the secret spaceship beneath the Sphynx and defeated the bad aliens? Hugh Reilly and Erin Ademoglu interview Peruvian ex-pat, artist, and photographer Alexandra Collas Febrero; then it's BT and F Dot from 2 Fresh Flow. Who said Parry Sound couldn't produce great hip-hop? Then, healing coach and counsellor Michael F. Long talks about his journey to become an effective energy healer using light and love.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Liquid Lunch 2010-11n-23: Ryan Field, Johnny Smash, Eye Candii Lux, Jessy Cooke, Michelle Waithe, Ian Calder

Hugh Reilly and Natalie Filippelli interview: superb violinist and TV star/actor Ryan Field on his new CD "The New Beginning" along with Johnny Smash and hot model Eye Candii Lux; Jessy Cooke and Michelle Waithe are The Laundry Tarts bringing us their amazing environmentally friendly but super clean all natural laundry soap in a million flavours; Ian Calder from the Toronto Free-Net on reducing the barriers to internet access and the state of net neutrality.

Liquid Lunch 2010-11n-24 (SHu) - Alan Bern - Matthew Tschemeris + Jason Burgos - Ram Vakkalanka

Hugh Reilly and Stella Hunt are joined by Daniel Katz to speak with: American Klezmer impressario Alan Bern (The Other Europeans) now living in Berlin and discussing the state of America today along with his music; Matthew Tschemeris and Jason Burgos from Banana 14 perform their excellent tunes; Toronto sitarist Ram Vakkalanka brings his ornate instrument and talks and plays the amazing sitar that can affect your chakras and spiritual well being.

Liquid Lunch 2010-11n-25 (ML) - William Sovie - Eva Marsh

Hugh Reilly and Marla Lukofsky are joined by business consultant William Sovie to discuss the state of the economy today, where the new opportunities lie, and the often overlooked importance of front line customer service; Eva Marsh discusses her successful journey at overcoming MS ( Multiple Sclerosis ), and the book that describes her story.

Liquid Lunch 2010-12d-02 (ML) - Dewitt Lee - Marcel Wieder - Natasha Waterman - Mitchell Wong

Hugh Reilly and Marla Lukofsky speak with: Toronto mayoralty candidate Dewitt Lee for his monthly segment called City Hall Roll Call and discuss the new Rob Ford's Toronto; political consultant Marcel Wieder on the angry mood of voters on both sides of the border; R & B singer Natasha Waterman performs live; musician Mitchell Wong discusses his approach teaching classical students the basics of improvisation.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Liquid Lunch 2010-12d-01 (T$) - Glen Alan - Joseph Chessari - Jorge De Andrade - Ushnish Sengupta - Andrea Brockie

Hugh Reilly is joined by Toronto Dollar executive director Glen Alan to talk about the achievements of the Toronto Dollar organization over the past year. Then Hugh and Glen are joined by Toronto Dollar merchants: double-amputee Joseph Chessari on learning to walk again and his work with other amputees at; Jorge De Andrade from Uncle Jorge's Farm brings in a live turkey and talks about organic farming and bringing quality meat and vegetables to the people of Toronto; Ushnish Sengupta, executive director of Free Geek Toronto on bridging the "digital divide"; Andrea Brockie from Selsi Sea Rocks talks about her natural, organic, and local approach to cosmetics and now food spices.

Liquid Lunch 2010-11n-30 (NF) - Robert Vaughan - Lamont Daigle - Wade Lightheart

Hugh Reilly and Natalie Filippelli interview: producer/director of this year's Christmas classic "The Santa Suit", starring Kevin Sorbo and Randy Thomas, now airing on W Network and the Hallmark Channel; Lamont Daigle on the miraculous Kangen water that's changing peoples' lives; three time Canadian natural national body building champion Wade T. Lightheart on his A W E S O M E approach to total health and fitness.